(Anastasia Osoianu, b. 1992 in Balti, Moldova)

image and performance artist / poetry / song

B.Sc Psychology

M.Sc Interdisciplinary Approaches in Life Sciences

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In my work I aim to embody the complementarity between polar opposites, such as feminine and masculine, East and West, poetic and noetic, arts and sciences - to evoke and resolve the tensions and to explore the possibilities of a meaningful synergy across disciplines, cultures and practices in society.

Through combining writing, lens-based and performative means, re-cycling of knowledge and materials, along with participatory and improvisational elements - my work examines evolution and archaic (emotive) aspects of human psyche, fluidity/movement of (gender) identities from personal and political perspectives, enactment, embodiment and interaction of species with/in their environment.

[research poster: on the dual origin of brains]

cover image: A.Martin