E v o l u t i o n

It is the archaic limbic brain - whose origin can be traced back to the times when our world was made of mostly water.

It constitutes the core of our functioning, it is what makes us move, feel and remember, what keeps the juices flow in our brain.

If there is something tangibly disturbingly wrong in the functioning of a brained organism - it is usually the core problem. A human individual can easily and happily live without one or the other half of the brain's cortex, but when something goes wrong in the "heart" of the brain, parts that are closer to the center - movement, memory, emotional balance, balance within, with the body or with the world - may go completely wrong and severely distort the experience of life. This is probably true for every mammalian brain, every species with centralized nervous system.

In my practice as an artist and scientist I am particularly interested in affective and other phenomenal stages, the processes of embodiment and enactment of the world, the interaction, improvisation, fluidity, movement, ex- motion, as well as the processes of creation, formation and representation of memory, collective memory and experience. I am interested in ecological methods that aim to capture psycho-physiological emotional inter- and intra- personal dynamics; and in participatory art-based methods that actively engage our limbic selves.

evolution in the brain