26 - 28 June 2020

Exhibition of works (drawing, photo, video) in the Garden House / Nieuw en Meer / Amsterdam

27 June 2020

19:00 Participatory Performance

22:00 Music (dj Lotus) and Visuals (vj Ksu)


What is our nature? What do we intrinsically want to do in life, to experience to lead ourselves into? What does really drive us as beings, as a family? What do we really want? Do we want to have a 9to5 job, a ton of money, a position? Respect? Yes. We want respect! Freedom? Yes, we want freedom. Freedom to be what we want and especially what and who we are, as we are, as we are doing it.

Freedom to feel, to live, to experience life, the smile, the nature, the love, the smells and different tastes of freedom. Sometimes - we want more. And sometimes were simply insatiable, but that will not make any of us really happy - not in a sustainable, kind way, we want the sustainable kind way, we want clear morals, honesty, comfort to be who u are, to feel vulnerable free, to be free to feel and express the variety of emotions and thought we carry inside. To feel connected, to feel at home inside.

We want to be at home inside...

A home inside...

Not the imaginary homeland,


We carry that inside already,

As immigrants,

And we will be carrying it inside no matter how much

we Don’t want it

A home inside, a space to grow and create, with others, with a family, a community,

- We are social animals for fucks sake!

- We have simple social animal needs!

We don’t want more!

We don’t want no more!

No more!

No more!

Stop the patriarchy!

Stop the capitalism!

Stop the anti-nature actions and industries!

Stop rich being rich!

Stop poor being poor!

Stop war!

Stop production! Mystification of beauty! Industrialization!

Stop bullying!

Stop money!

Stop pollution!

Stop building and destroying!

Let it all freeze! Fade into the old ice age!

We are living in the new era!

in the era of heat…

It we’re all going to burn and boil if we don’t stop.