26 - 30 June 2020 / lockdown

a tree

is singing with leaves

catching the wind from far


am singing with voice

letting it out

a song about trees...

co-production: Eugeniu Cortnitel


What is our nature? What do we intrinsically want to do in life, to experience to lead ourselves into? What does really drive us as beings, as a family? What do we really want? Do we want to have a 9to5 job, a ton of money, a position? Respect? Yes. We want respect! Freedom? Yes, we want freedom. Freedom to be what we want and especially what and who we are, as we are, as we are doing it.

Freedom to feel, to live, to experience life, the smile, the nature, the love, the smells and different tastes of freedom. Sometimes - we want more. And sometimes we're simply insatiable, but that will not make any of us really happy - not in a sustainable, kind way, we want the sustainable kind way, we want clear morals, honesty, comfort to be who u are, to feel vulnerable free, to be free to feel and express the variety of emotions and thought we carry inside. To feel connected, to feel at home inside.

We want to be at home inside...

A home inside...

Not the imaginary homeland,


We carry that inside already,

As immigrants,

And we will be carrying it inside no matter how much

we Don’t want it

A home inside, a space to grow and create, with others, with a family, a community,

- We are social animals for fucks sake!

- We have simple social animal needs!

We don’t want more!

We don’t want no more!

No more!

No more!

Stop the patriarchy!

Stop the capitalism!

Stop the anti-nature actions and industries!

Stop rich being rich!

Stop poor being poor!

Stop war!

Stop production! Mystification of beauty! Industrialization!

Stop bullying!

Stop money!

Stop pollution!

Stop building and destroying!

Let it all freeze! Fade into the old ice age!

We are living in the new era!

in the era of heat…

It we’re all going to burn and boil if we don’t stop.


tv-installation / video featuring the Red Cat

Series of Participatory Performances / Exhibition of works (painting, photo, video) / Nieuw en Meer / Amsterdam / Netherlands / 26 - 30 June 2020

at the conclusion of the residency April-June 2020

Documentation / videos between 30sec and 11min

Part I / before the sunset

fragment 1

participatory performance / breathing exercise / guided meditation / poem reading "O Beautiful Flower" by Robert Zachary

27 June 2020

videos by Cor

Cleansing Ritual with Water and Earth

fragment 2

Round Table / fragment 3

interactive installation / discussions on politics and home / works on the table include photographs, newspapers, postcards, 3 notebooks of different sizes, art objects

27 June 2020

video by Cor

Part II / after dark

Abolishion of Patriarchy / fragment 4

participatory performance / discussion / text adapted from "Abolirea Familiei" by Nicoletta Esinescu / visuals by Paul Zerr / music by Gabriel van Jones

video by Suzanne

The Morning After / fragment 5

video-tour through the gallery

featuring the White Cat and drawings by Suzy and Alex

28 June 2020

Performance featuring Lotus Lourdes & Girls

fragment 6

28 June 2020

Thank You!

It was a big pleasure to be in this wonderful strange place and to be your neighbour for 3 months! It brought back so many beautiful memories, I can't describe in words how I swam in my memories of home and childhood like in the lake, looking around to wonder how everything is still the same, but stranger, diving deep to find true values.

For allowing to experience all this magic - I would like to thank several people, and women in particular:

Lotus - for being such an inspiration and almost an artistic partner for the last weeks of my stay, for being so strong and supportive, and an amazing musician.

Caroline - for your calm, but strong presence.

Liet, for your flowers,

Suzanne, for all your trust and moral support, and for the green dancing shoes!

Ksu, for being best friend and support, and for all the creativity we shared.

Cor, for being the best neighbor ever! and for shaving my head. It couldn't be more perfect! Also for taking care of Pus :)

Thank you Joyze - for being such an inspiration, a strong woman and an amazing mentor!

... and you replaced me my grandmother (with her I wasn't able to make a connection). She was very strong physically, but very weak mentally. I feel lucky for having been around you. And this place is so lucky to have you.

Thank you Kamiel, Richard, Elsbeth and Erik, Liesbeth, Gabriel, Yuri, Nicolle, George, Maarten, Vladimir, Thomas, and people whose names I forgot... Thank you for being there and for smiling me back!

Thank you the Red and the White Cat, and other spirits of Nieuw en Meer.

Thank you the Lake, the Sun and the Moon.